The Shining The 250 Movies Better than Shawshank Redemption

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Shawshank Redemption always seems to occupy the number 1 spot on the IMDB Top 250 Movies. While I admit that it is a decent movie, it is certainly not the best movie, not by a long shot which explains why I’ve decided to create one by one a nation of movies equal under the only law that they are unquestionably superior to Shawshank Redemption. Immediately, qualified movies flood into my mind, a veritable torrent, but since it is the Halloween month, certain types of movies naturally surf the tsunami: The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 venture into the horror movie genre, will have the honor of first entry into this brand new nation of equals. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Shining is all too real for those who have had the experience of lying in bed unable to move with a high pitched ringing in the head while voices proceed in the background, terrifying because it is your own bed, your own room; you feel yourself fully awake and yet cannot move; if you don’t fight, an alien being will certainly take over your body. For me, watching The Shining is a Halloween tradition. Of course, I only watch it in a room I don’t plan to sleep in; that way I can just close the door afterwards against ghosts that might be in the market for a new home.

Marcia Letaw


  1. My criteria is hard to put into words, but it tends to come down to whether there is enough substance to watch it repeatedly as well as whether it has timelessness. If I can’t stand to watch it for some reason, well I guess it won’t be welcomed to our new nation. An example of a very effective movie that I can’t stand to watch or think about is Requiem for a Dream. That movie is just plain torture and will not appear as a member of the 250.

  2. I am also interested to know if you have some criteria of what makes a good movie? For my part, the Shining is good, but it is too scary for me so I wouldn’t consider it to be great. i.e. I never want to watch it again 🙂

  3. Here are three for your Halloween theme: “Carnival of Souls”, “Donnie Darko”, and “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”. Well, you might agree on one of those at least!

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