The Dead Zone The 250 Movies Better than Shawshank Redemption

Still in the horror genre is the 1983 Cronenberg film, and like The Shining, it is based on a Stephen King story. Beyond the fact that The Dead Zone is an excellent movie with a great story and characters and Christopher Walken in the lead role, it naturally comes to mind when once considers the horror aspects of this season of debates between presidential hopefuls. It is a movie that reminds us that the person we hand over the reins of power to is indeed mere inches away from the ability to destroy the world. You know as in Kaboom! Well, just something to consider and worth a watch even for those who don’t stew and fret over the future. One more thing: The Dead Zone is a departure from Cronenberg’s usual fare, movies which I personally have tried to force myself to watch but can’t quite stomach; it’s a gentler horror/thriller than we’re used to from him.

Marcia Letaw


  1. “The Dead Zone” was an excellent choice. Cronenberg has his own approach to horror that’s so shocking and inventive it can distract from deficiencies of his films. This makes for some exciting first viewings but, after one becomes acclimated, those weaknesses begin to show; Cronenberg often cannot often replay-value, and “The Dead Zone” may be the best and only exception.

  2. Great one, and it certainly meets your criterion of standing up against time. I watched it again recently, it’s as good as ever and only the wardrobe is dated.

    I forgot it was a Cronenberg!

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