In Time 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

I hope all of you out there survived falling back. Isn’t it nice to wake up to discover sitting on the bedside table a nicely wrapped up bundle of time: an entire hour to play around with! Yeah! And yet didn’t that hour belong to me in the first place? Wasn’t it stolen from me and now that the robber has seen fit to return it, I’m supposed to be thankful. Where was it for the past 8 months, I wonder? Shouldn’t it have been accruing interest? Assuming an interest rate of 1 percent for a period of 8 months, I should have an extra 24 seconds to play around with, and by the end of an average lifespan (I’ll use 60), a person should have an entire day to enjoy assuming no interest on the interest so that when Mr. Death arrives, one could cash in for a little extra time. Someone like

Trump would probably use some intricate system of bankruptcies and tricky investments to get an extra 10 years on his life sentence. Well, all this thinking about time caused me to recall Andrew Niccol’s 2011 film: In Time. As in all of his films, he’s dealing with the deeper meaning of human life.

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