Run Lola Run 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

Time: What is it anyway? Is it the clock on the mantelpiece, the watch on your arm, the clock in your computer or cell phone, or car. It seems to be watching us everywhere we go, and yet we also have several different clocks inside us that have very little to do with their so-called objective counterparts. Again, I ask: What is Time. Hell, maybe it’s actually a figment of our imaginations. Run Lola Run, the 1998 German film directed by Tom Tykwer,  is at once a movie about the nature of time as well as that ever illusive Free Will everyone is talking about in coffee shops across the land, or is that only in my imagination? Over the years of my life, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t a binary question of yes there is, or no there isn’t. Just like in quantum world where an electron is said to exist in all states at once until measured, so too is humanity existing in all states of free will at the same time. Only when you take the measure of a single instance of that great pool will it become clear that Fred has no free will or that Martha has bucket loads of it. It takes a lot of energy to pursue a free will existence, and some of us just don’t have enough energy left over after trying to survive an increasingly complex world. This of course plays right into the hands of the rich and powerful because the less time we spend determining our own futures, the richer and more powerful they become. Run Lola Run: Watch it; who knows, maybe I’ve read too much into it, or maybe I haven’t.lola1lola2Run_Lola_Run

Marcia Letaw


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