Hope and Glory 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

Hope and Glory6“Alright, Sheriff, would you like to contribute a movie?”

“I was thinking of Dr. Strangelove.”

“Sure, a cold war film, but don’t you have any WWII movies up your sleeve? I kind of promised 3 of them for today.”

Hope and Glory would be my favorite in that time period. It’s what I’d call a child’s eye view of WWII. It was based on director John Boorman’s childhood in London during the blitz.”

“Yeah, I agree, it is a great one. Father goes off to war, and mother can’t stand to send her children off to the country, so there they are hiding out in a watery bomb shelter when necessary. Of course, the teen-aged sister has her own ideas. The mother has a few of her own as well.




Marcia Letaw


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