Patton? 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

Patton, that’s my kind of movie!”

“Well Bart, I liked it when I saw it, but I’m not sure it passes the test of timelessness.”

“Say what?”

“What I mean to say is that even though George C. Scott did an awesome job in the role to such an extent that when I think of Patton, I think of him, still it isn’t the sort of movie I want to watch over and over.”

“What do you want to go and do a thing like that for, Dear. It’s a great movie; once is enough. Anyway, you asked for my choice of a war movie; that’s it.”

“I’m conflicted, just don’t know whether it rises to the occasion.”

“What do you know about war?”

“Nothing really, but, to quote a truly great movie: There isn’t anything I want to know about it except why we keep having them and how to stop having any more.”

“Well, the only other movie I can think of is Stalag 17.”

“I need to rewatch Stalag 17, so I guess I will accept your choice into the pool of movies better than Shawshank Redemption. By the way, Patton and Kelly’s Heroes came out the same year: 1970.”



Marcia Letaw

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