The Red Tent The 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

redtent 05 And they’re off to the north pole, General Nobile and crew in a blimp no less! Based on a real life adventure that ended rather badly, The Red Tent is not your every day kind of adventure/ disaster movie. Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov and starring Peter Finch as General Nobile and Sean Connery as the ghost of Roald Amundsen (It’s Nobile’s fault that he’s a ghost).


Yes there’s Sean Connery in blond overseeing the trial of General Nobile, a trial that proceeds each night in Nobile’s mind. He’s trying to figure out what was wrong if anything with his decision making process. That’s the back of his head we’re looking at.

Finally, there it is the red tent, yeah, that kind of red tent: not the warm kind and a Russian ice breaker to the rescue.

redtent 06redtent



Marcia Letaw

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