Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn 250 Movies Better than Shawshank

Kahn03Wait a minute; whose wrath are we talking about! Yep there’s Capt. Kirk with Genesis in the background. He seems to be having a bad day which is always what happens when he meets up with Kahn. khan-star-trek-2

For me, The Wrath of Kahn was the first of the Star Trek movies and certainly one of the best. I like to forget that first one ever happened; Gene Roddenberry probably does as well. In any case, The Wrath of Kahn is filled with great Trekian chemistry and new concepts like the Genesis project and a fully actualized story line. Without a doubt it is a classic deserving of its designation as one of the great movies. And this isn’t the first time Kahn and Kirk have locked horns, both love to be in charge; indeed, in their younger days before wisdom set in, they had a set to in the original series: Episode 22 “Space Seed.”


Looking almost chummy here, but it won’t last!


Someone is encroaching on Kirk’s territory.






Marcia Letaw


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