Scaling Infinity (Episode 5)

“Focus, that’s what I am, not a real person. What about you, what situation are you grown out of?” “Hmm, my accent doesn’t give me away?” “I wouldn’t call myself an expert on American accents except Daddy’s; he’s from New… Continue Reading

Scaling Infinity (Episode 4)

Tom and I spent the remainder of the day tarrying here, tarrying there: a lesson in how to chill. The climbing was, as Tom would say—awesome—even though the only vista I experienced was an intimate look at that conveniently high… Continue Reading

Chess Story Stefan Zweig

In 1942, after sending a manuscript to his publisher, Stefan Zweig committed suicide. Chess Story was that manuscript; Chess Story is his suicide note. I’ve always been strongly opposed to dividing by two, saying things like: there are two kinds… Continue Reading