Scaling Infinity (Episode 5)

“Focus, that’s what I am, not a real person. What about you, what situation are you grown out of?” “Hmm, my accent doesn’t give me away?” “I wouldn’t call myself an expert on American accents except Daddy’s; he’s from New… Continue Reading

Scaling Infinity (Episode 4)

Tom and I spent the remainder of the day tarrying here, tarrying there: a lesson in how to chill. The climbing was, as Tom would say—awesome—even though the only vista I experienced was an intimate look at that conveniently high… Continue Reading

Scaling Infinity (Episode 3)

“If you’re looking for an example of anti-green architecture, this building could be your poster child. Yup, used for the warehousing of millions of dead bodies during the rapacious campaign to exterminate our forests.” “You’re very onionated aren’t you?” “Actually,… Continue Reading

Scaling Infinity (Episode 2)

Although I fully intended to further investigations from within the gym, insecurity rooted me to the sidewalk, reciting inwardly: “Higgs lived in a tower that was both tall and short and everything in between. Thus, it possessed a shape so… Continue Reading

Scaling Infinity (Episode 1)

“There once was a boy who lived in an infinitely tall tower. We shall call him Higgs Boson. It was always balmy in that citadel, yes indeed, the weather was perfect since there was no weather at all, but even… Continue Reading

Unilateral Neglect Part 3

The psychologist and the author met at the restaurant sitting in its lower portion. Think in terms of a cave. The author was in better spirits. “Can you tell me, Jocelyn, is there something special about circles—I’m referring to our… Continue Reading