Unilateral Neglect Part 3

The psychologist and the author met at the restaurant sitting in its lower portion. Think in terms of a cave. The author was in better spirits. “Can you tell me, Jocelyn, is there something special about circles—I’m referring to our… Continue Reading

Unilateral Neglect Part 2

The author arrived for her second psych visit empty handed. Putting on an apologetic front, she explained: “I’m sorry, Jocelyn, but Bob was a no show.” The psychologist ruminated before issuing a response: “I can see that you’re lying, Marcia.”… Continue Reading

Unilateral Neglect Part 1

The following report is included in The Sheriff’s Jeep Log section as background material. The author drove my pickup into downtown Eugene and parked on 5th with minimal grinding of the clutch. She had decided on her favorite method of… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 8)

Charley said goodbye to his friends, and I paid the bill. Just outside the door of the Blue, Charley and I again fell into conversation so I ended up accompanying him back to the courthouse. “I got the impression that… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 7)

“Now I’ve lost my place; let me see: When the land trembles, a cheat is dead. ‘Randall,’ I said, ‘better get yourself under control and put that gun away—’” “Wait just a little minute, Charley, I was in court that… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 6)

“And along comes another week and another prediction. This new formula was a little more serious to my mind: When the wheel is steel, Diamonds turn red; When the land trembles, A cheat is dead. “I wasn’t sure who was… Continue Reading