A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 5)

Once we were all seated, there were introductions. That’s when I found out that the DA’s name was Charley. “You shoulda seen Randall drive up that afternoon, we, now what I mean is he and I and Hugo and Bart,… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 4)

As I was leaving the courthouse, I stopped to speak with the old man: “According to the trial records, the DA could not prosecute the case because he was in fact the main witness against the sheriff. Is that man… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 3)

I read through all the court documents, and the way it went is this: Sheriff Randall was driving along Copperhead Road when lightning struck the ground nearby. All of his life he’d wanted to find a fulgurite just like his… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 2)

I found the courthouse, an easy stroll from the garage, waiting for me and looking like it had seen a thing or two in its time and opened the door to a breath tainted with decades of law books and… Continue Reading

A Fulgurite in Blue (Episode 1)

A few years back while house sitting for Bob, a longtime friend, the sheriff of Elayne county came a knocking. I recognized him at once, of course I did, on account of him being a main character sort of guy,… Continue Reading